JIPDECJapan Information Processing Development Center
JIPDECJapan Institute for Promotion of Digital Economy and Community
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However, the highest price a mobile operator can ask for a nationwide dataset with the finest granularity is within the range of what JIPDEC (2012) found for the price of location based data 13.
13) The JIPDEC (2012) estimate for a unit of data is between one and five yen, which makes a dataset of one million data points cost one to five million yen.
We are also grateful for a grant from KDDI Research Institute and the support of the JIPDEC.
3% Source: Created on the basis of JIPDEC (2014, p.
BBBOnLine and JIPDEC officials anticipate that the reciprocal seals will benefit businesses and consumers by giving Japanese seal holders doing business in the United States the advantage of BBBOnLine's recognition here and by giving BBBOnLine seal holders doing business in Japan the benefit of JIPDEC's recognition there.
Moreover, the reciprocal seal option contemplated by BBBOnLine and JIPDEC is an important first step in harmonizing online privacy standards globally.
It is a significant occasion for BBBOnLine and JIPDEC to agree to work together to harmonize standards between two online privacy protection systems, each well known in their respective countries.