JISCCJoint Incident Site Communications Capability
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Relying on satellite communications, the JISCC system allows for communications across multiple radio, data, video and voice platforms during emergencies or large-scale disasters.
During the field exercise, JISCC proved its value by providing for the constant flow of vital information in a seamless manner, Captain Downer said.
It comes with everything necessary to make JISCC completely self-sufficient in the field.
The JISCC system was introduced nationwide after Hurricane Katrina in 2005; all FEMA regions have access to JISCC equipment that is maintained and operated by National Guard units.
A JISCC is self-sufficient because it runs on generators.
5 million, in total, six more JISCC systems will be added for this hurricane response.
Another Air National Guard JISCC unit, the 126th from Illinois, is powering the 156th's command post and airfield management office, restoring ramp operations at Muniz.
The JISCC is specifically tailored to support unique homeland defense and civil support mission requirements," said Maj.