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JISTJuneau Information Service Technology
JISTJoint Integrated Satellite Communications Technology
JISTJoint Imagery Soft-copy Trainer
JISTJSF Integrated Subsystems Technology
JISTJoint Interagency Support Team
JISTMaybe you're looking for the word 'Gist' meaning the central idea?
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The unique JIST solution provides an analytical framework for solving a number of Intelligence requirements and is currently being studied by several U.
Effective immediately, this partnership offers schools, libraries, colleges, career centers and workforce transition programs the ability to combine JIST popular interest inventory assessments and job-success workbooks with the highly engaging job shadowing videos delivered through VirtualJobShadow.
According to JIST, people want to feel they fit in with the people and with the activities where they work, so personality type can affect satisfaction with the job, productivity in it and the likelihood of persisting in the same type of work.
Based on governmental research data and part of the 'Best Jobs' series from JIST Publishing, "150 Best Jobs For A Better World" is the collaborative project of career counselor and expert Laurence Shatkin in cooperation with the editorial staff of JIST Publishing, a premier publishing house that specializes in publishing descriptive guidebooks in the field of jobs and careers.
The publication is available from KIDSRIGHTS, an imprint of JIST Publishing, Inc.
9 /PRNewswire/ -- EMC Corporation ("EMC"), an independent educational publisher, today announced it had acquired JIST Publishing, Inc.
JIST Publishing has released two publications to assist college students to make a successful move into the workforce.
FBI Careers, available from JIST Publishing, is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to preparing and applying for a job with the FBI.
For employers and for workers and professionals who wish to compare, project, or, possibly, improve earnings, the editors at JIST Publishing present statistics compiled by the US Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics in an attractive, well-designed format.
The Quick Internet Guide to Career and Education Information, 2001 Edition from JIST Publishing outlines nearly 400 Web sites.