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JITJust In Time
JITJust in Time Systems
JITJoint Investigation Team
JITJoint Interoperability Test
JITJoint Interoperability Tool
JITJourneyman Instructor Training
JITJob Instructional Training
JITJob Information Test
JITJoint Interest Test
JITJoint Intervention Team
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Having success at Toyota, JIT rapidly gained popularity, if not outright envy, among the international business community.
Prior to Netezza Jit founded Applix, a leading decision support software company.
JIT will continue to lead their industry in new directions and differentiate themselves by continuing to invest in a talented workforce, state-of-the-art technologies, and continuous innovation.
Located in Poitou Charentes and Rhone Alpes region, JIT Solaire specializes in the turnkey installation of solar systems that generate electricity for individuals, businesses and communities.
One well-known JIT practice is single-minute exchange of die (SMED), which was developed at Toyota in the Eighties when engineers found that the process of changing dies in metal presses was a crucial production bottleneck.
A successful JIT system requires a sum of elements and technical requirements to be present in the manufacturing company, as: Continuous Improvement, that refers to the idea that a large number of small improvements in processes are easier to implement than major improvements and have a large cumulative effect.
Some of the main benefits of JIT in the area of manufacturing such as inventory reduction, lead time reduction, quality improvement, and cost savings have been well documented (Cook and Rogowski, 1996; Hobbs, 1994; Billesbach, 1991; Payne, 1993; Temponi and Pandya, 1995; Deshpande and Golhar, 1995; Handfield, 1993; Lawrence and Hottenstein, 1995; Golhar, Stamm, and Smith, 1990; Moras and Dieck, 1992).
While for most manufactured raw materials, holding less inventory saves a company working capital and thus improves its bottom line, for recovered paper, the JIT principal does not hold up," says Moore.
ESP is a production management and manufacturing improvement system targeted for supplier companies or any companies that deal with a variety of products and multiple customers and/or suppliers, it is intended to enable suppliers to meet the requirements of their buyers' JIT ordering systems through wide-variety, small-lot production, while also making their own production activities as efficient as possible.
Mach I' is a silicon-based JIT (just-in-time) code translation and optimization accelerator, while 'Mach II' is a hardware-based data pre-processing engine.
If it is allowing deductions for ISO 9000 expenses, it may also be more accommodating to taxpayers who incur consulting fees for a JIT or supply-chain reorganization.