JITAPJoint Integrated Technical Assistance Programme (African trade development)
JITAPJoint Intelligence Training Activity, Pacific (US DoD)
JITAPJust in Time Approval Process
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A further step the WTO could take to enhance technical assistance would be to help (through funding and otherwise) expand the JITAP to other LDCs.
To overcome these challenges, participants agreed that CSOs and media should become full members of their national Inter-Institutional Committees, set up under JITAP, which are responsible for coordinating national negotiating positions at the WTO.
For more information, contact Roswitha Franz, ITC, JITAP Focal Point Adviser, at franz@intracen.
JITAP was assessed in the course of 2002 and a major recommendation of the evaluation was to extend the programme in future to a larger number of African countries.
Initially covering four African countries, and eventually up to ten more, this 'joint venture' with the Trade Facilitation Office of Canada supports the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD) Market Access Initiative, with proven trade promotion tools, and complements IF and JITAP efforts admirably well;
The number of beneficiary countries will double to 16 under the initial phase of JITAP II;
However, Dr Rana argues, JITAP played a role in ensuring that key delegations from Africa went to Cancun well briefed and ready to play an active role.
Peasah, Principal Commercial Officer at Ghana's Ministry of Trade and Industry said know-how acquired through JITAP had enabled his country to bring much of its legislation on tariffs and goods valuation, as well as laws on trade-related intellectual property, into line with WTO rules, JITAP-supported efforts to expand Ghana's export trade had certainly contributed to job creation in the country.
In Kenya, confidence is high that the system created under JITAP can be sustained when the country graduates at the end of this year.
The Inter-Institutional Committees set up under JITAP, in which the private sector is appropriately represented, are meeting regularly.
Launch ambitious initiatives by private sector institutions to educate members on issues of major concern, to provide comprehensive recommendations to the National Committee on WTO, revitalized under JITAP.
From JITAP participants, summarized by Anant Vijay, Chief, ITC Office for Least Developed Countries and Africa