JITFJump in the Fire (Metallica song)
JITFJoint Intelligence Task Force
JITFJoint Integration Test Facility
JITFJudaism in the Foothills (Evergreen, Colorado)
JITFJoint Interface Test Force
JITFJoint Informatics Task Force
JITFJoint Interface Task Force
JITFJoint Intelligence Test Facility
JITFJump in the Forum
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Zahoor Siddique, vice president of event organiser ACE, said: "Over the years JITF has facilitated the finalization of many a key business deal, aided the formation of new partnerships and served as the launch pad for innovative products and services.
Together JITF and SULA are not only the pioneers but have also created the first commercially viable project.
The JITF commander would have operational control over forces and thus could plan operations based upon the forces assigned and then oversee execution of the plan.
The deal will see the JITF providing organic compost to the NFL and they will further market and sell it in the states of Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan.
India's continued participation in the JITF is to show our commitment for the renewal and reconstruction process presently that the Northern Province is undergoing.
182) This JITF Task Force also recommended other immediately actionable procedures, such as requiring two independent barriers for each flow path.
For the first time, more than 80 Indian companies are participating in JITF 2013 with their multifarious products.
Zahoor Siddique, vice president of Al Harithy Company for Exhibitions (ACE), said the JITF recorded massive success in the past 24 years, and this is a promising indicator for the success of this industry and its prosperity in the region.
JITF 2012 was organised by Lanka Exhibition & Conference Services (Pvt.
The GVMC, which had signed an MoU with the JITF at the recently held global partnership summit in the city, will ink the deal for the Rs 135-crore project.
JITF in its short span of time has become a part of the 'Jaffna Revival' and has found a special place in the annual event calendar of the residents of Jaffna.