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JITOJain International Trade Organisation (ethical business practices; India)
JITOJust In Time Oscillator
JITOJoinery Industry Training Organisation (Wellington, New Zealand)
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He explores how the Yamato court portrayed itself as an imperial realm through a wide range of writings, as well as in state rituals (chapter 3); focuses on the events surrounding the Jinshin War [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] of 672 and the establishment of Tenmu and Jito's "imperial realm," especially as these events are depicted in the Nihon shoki, Kojiki, and preface to the Kaifuso (chapter 4); and finally he examines competing narratives of these events which he identifies in the first two volumes of the Man'yoshu (chapter 5).
Aoki, 'Jito Tenno: The female sovereign' in Heroic with grace: Legendary women of Japan, ed.
Sorav Jain (winner of JITO's sapno ke saudagar 2011), the Thinker in Chief at EchoVME will virtually launch the video on their website: http://www.echovme.com/socialmediaindia at 10 AM.
Its drink list features such beverages as the Strawberry Blonde, the Sassy Brunette, the Basil Beehive and the house special - the Moxie Mo(jito).
Jito Coleman, president and CEO of Northern, stated, "We are fortunate to work with a company whose people not only recognize the importance of power reliability for business security, but can also appreciate the growing need to be environmentally conscious.
Clint "Jito" Coleman is president and CEO of Northern Power Systems, Waitsfield, VT.
The site is located near the area where Kiyomihara no Miya -- a palace complex where Emperor Temmu, and later his widow Empress Jito, lived between 672 and 694 -- was later constructed.
Summary: Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], March 15 (ANI/BusinessWireIndia): JITO's biggest trade fair & conclave.