JITOAJordan Inbound Tour Operators Association
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creating itineraries that include both volunteering and tourism," said Executive Director of JITOA Nizar Adarbeh,.
"The roman ancient city of Jerash is famous of its greenery landscapes, fertility and natural artistic beauty, and today we are gathering here to work together on maintaining this image engraved in the hearts of its visitors from all over the world," said Nizar Al Adarbeh, Jitoa director.
For his part, Director of Jordan Tours for Travel and Tourism, and member of JITOA, Eid Nawafleh, explained to The Star, "There is no discrimination; a service is a service for all visitors, and no one would ask them where they are from before serving them; however, we who work in the tourism sector know that there is a big difference between the local market and the foreign market; this difference comes from the fact that the uses of the foreign market differs from those of the local one; foreigners usually leave the hotels all day long to visit touristic sites and they are present only during the morning and evening times; Jordanians however, usually stay at the hotel all day long and the hotel services are therefore widely used: Electricity, air conditioning, waterAa, etc.
Don't Mess with Nature will see Sanyo and Jitoa adopt the archeological Roman city of Jerash for one year in which a number of environmental activities, ranging from clean-up campaigns and trash bin installations to insight signage maintenance, will take place.
The meeting, hosted by Holiday Inn Amman hotel, was chaired by Mr Mohammad Samih, the association's chairman, in the presence of JITOA board of directors, and JITOA CEO, staff, members, and the legal financial auditor of the Association.
JITOA also cooperated with Modern National Forms Company to contribute to the production of special trash bin covers printed with the campaign slogan, in addition to an outstanding design provided by SADDA marketing and business solutions company.
The program was conducted at Regency Palace Hotel with the participation of 26 employees from among JITOA members and the tourism and hospitality sector, in addition to tourism associations
JITOA's president Mohammad Samih said in a press statement that the participation would provide Jordan with new opportunities to access new
O-Beach GM Nabil Barakat expressed his gratitude towards JITOA for organizing the tour and providing the opportunity for Jordan's top tour operators to experience O-Beach.
The graduation ceremony was held at the dean's office of QRITCH, Dr Mohammad Waheeb, and attended by the Hashemite University President, Prof Ruwaida Al-Maaytah, Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities representative Ms Ansam Malkawi, JITOA board member Mr Munir Nassar, USAID/JTDP representatives, and Dr Abdul Rahim Hamdan, the Hashemite University vice president for administrative and humanitarian affairs, in addition to QRITCH academic and administrative staff.
The Iftar was attended by JITOA board of directors and members staff from the top tour operators and hotels, and coworkers and representatives from the travel and tourism sector including Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities, Jordan Tourism Board Director, Mr Nayef Al-Fayez, and Tourist Police Department Director Mr Zuhdi Janbik, in addition to JITOA partners and
Jordan's recent oil and energy increases will force Jordanian tour operators, hoteliers, tourism transport companies and restaurants to hike up their prices, which will drive tourists away to other competitive markets, Awni Kawar, Chairman of the Jordan Inbound Tour Operators Association (JITOA) warns."JITOA says the tourism industry is particularly sensitive because many of the services it provides are directly linked to energy whether it's in transport, catering, food and beverage, housekeeping and in arranging sight seeing tours," says Kawar.