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JITPJournal of Information Technology & Politics
JITPJust in Time Parenting (parenting resource and research program)
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Research into the implementation and effectiveness of JITP in different production systems is vital because introducing JITP immediately, and sometimes profoundly, changes production environments.
Does the extent to which JITP practices are implemented differ with the level of technical complexity of the production processes employed?
Do firms implementing JITP exhibit the characteristics and performance criteria typically associated with different levels of technical complexity?
Utilizing the production system configurations suggested by Woodward (1965) and Hayes and Wheelwright (1979), this study contributes to the development of JITP theory by answering these questions, in ways that provide significant help implementing JITP to managers of companies employing a mix of production systems.
Purchasing is one of the production elements significantly affected by the implementation of JIT management systems (Gilbert, 1990; Im and Lee, 1989), and JITP techniques streamline purchasing and inventory management, among other components of production processes.
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