JITTJust-In-Time Teaching (pedagogical system)
JITTJust in Time Training
JITTJust in Time Tree
JITTJust in Time Tourist (travel software)
JITTJunk in the Trunk, LLC (Chevy Chase, Maryland)
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The above was derived from the JiTT approach as it proved to be a good fit for these courses and the student population of this program.
(last visited July 10, 2015) ("JiTT was originally developed for
Although the immediacy of aggregated in-class responses helps instructors facilitate the JiTT strategy and quickly ascertain which concepts need to be re-examined (Lasry, 2008), one limitation of this approach is the lack of time available for an instructor to make quality adjustments to the content.
Thanks to cloud-based technology, we're on the brink of a revolution in just-in-time training (JITT).
Jitt Smith once wrote down sentences such as "I am thirsty," and "It hurts here" so that her mother-in-law could communicate with hospital nurses who didn't speak any Korean.
This article describes JITT, a smart personal assistant which delivers training documents to its user in a just-in-time manner.
This session will demonstrate polling software, "BeyondQuestion," that can be used effectively for pre-class polling (JiTT) and in-class polling (Peer Instruction) with a variety of platforms.
We all remember the acronym JIT, perhaps we will see a new one, JITT. The idea, of course, is not to deliver conventionally sequenced and scheduled courses, but to modularize the contents of those courses so that training can be delivered electronically, precisely when and where needed, and in just the amount needed.
Finally, distance education programs are the perfect vehicles for delivering "just-in-time training" (JITT), which allow us to train new employees the day they're hired or train an entire company on a new procedure, without anyone leaving their office.
Without saying anything, the company's management jumps into operation with "Just-In-Time Tractors (JITT)," pulls the plug at the factory, slows production of big, medium and small tractors, then screams to the press that profits are going to drop drastically.