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(9.) Katahoire RA, Jitta J., Kivumbi G, Murokora D, Arube Wani J, Siu G, Arinaitwe L, Bingham A, Mugisha E, Tsu V, LaMontagne DS.
Al analizar las medidas de perturbacion en PRAAT: Jitt, Jita, RAP y PPQ en las mujeres de la muestra, los valores medios normales resultaron muy inferiores (Jitt = .29%; Jitta = 13.86 [micron]s) como asi tambien los valores patologicos.
Huub Willems, Other Aspects of the Companies and Business Court's Powers, in THE COMPANIES AND BUSINESS COURT FROM A COMPARATIVE LAW PERSPECTIVE 193, 199 (Marius Josephus Jitta et al.
Tenders are invited for Providing and laying Tiles 60 MM and Construction Gali Kartar Wali and Jitta Chakki Wala and Billa Tailor and Gali Shah Mill in qadian
His research has been published in outlets such as IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication, Journal of Information Technology Theory and Application (JITTA), Journal of Information Technology Education (JITE), Journal of Organizational and End User Computing (JOEUC), and International Journal of e-Collaboration (IJeC).
(17.) Katahoire RA, Jitta J, Kivumbi G, Murokora D, Arube WJ, Siu G et al.
[12.] Jitta J, Kyaddondo D and E Owino Preliminary review of the health of school age children in Uganda.
The figure is comparable to that of 44.3% obtained for Kabarole District by Jitta and co-workers in the early 1990s [6] in their secondary analysis of the Uganda Demographic and Health Survey data [2] and more recent data of 46.3% found in pre-school children in the suburbs of Kampala City, Central Uganda [14].
Results for under-weight (15.7%) were lower than the national figure of 23 percent [4] and those for Kabarole District (25.7%) by Jitta and colleagues [6].
Contrary to our findings, Jitta et al., found that under-weight and stunting among children was significantly affected by family size with bigger households (8 people or more) being more affected [6].
His publications have appeared in the Journal of Systems and Software, Decision Support Systems, Telecommunications Policy, IRMJ, International Journal on Technology Management, IJITSA, JITTA, JISE, JITCA, South African Computing Journal and elsewhere.
They have appeared in Decision Support Systems, Journal of Information Technology Theory and Applications(JITTA), Journal of Informatics Education Research, JISE, JITCA and elsewhere.