JIYJerusalem International YMCA
JIYJaffari Islamic Youth (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
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He said the JIY was formed two years ago after merging Shabab-i-Milli and Pasban.
He said the JIY had organised internal elections with the aim to practically involve youth in the election process.
Mr Ali said the JIY had launched drive against anti-social activities, especially to eradicate the menace of narcotics use among youth.
At 65, the JIY's secretary general has witnessed the wars and Intifadas since the 1940s.
Abusharr said the World Alliance's articles were particularly upsetting, as they seemed to undermine the example the JIY has tried to set, to respect each other and be inclusive The organization's unique relationship with YUSA is maintained to keep one constituency from gaining the upper hand.
The JIY is seen as neutral ground in a land where neutrality has been difficult to find for centuries, if not millennia.
Revenues generally come from the JIY's single-room occupancy hotel and restaurant, as well as though programs such as childcare, and its fitness center.
Since JIY is owned and operated by The YMCA of the USA, the American organization carries JIY's deficit on its books.
Abusharr said JIY is short $750,000 on its hotel, akin to a hostel for tourists, who have been scared away by the violence.
"If we believe that learning each other's language and explaining our inner-most thoughts is very important for dialogue," said Rizek Abusharr, JIY's secretary general.
The example JIY sets includes non-secular celebrations and communal meals for such holy times as Ramadan, Passover, and Easter.