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El ciclo anual de los anos El Nino (3B) conserva bimodalidad, pero se caracteriza por valles mas pronunciados (DEF y JJA) y picos mas agudos que los de la fase La Nina, lo cual significa transiciones mas marcadas entre los periodos lluviosos (MAM y SON) y los periodos de menos lluvias (DEF y JJA).
The spread in estimates of warming across different IC realizations is expected to be less at lower latitudes and in summer when the temperature variability is comparatively low as seen in the results for the Southeast in JJA. Overall, these large variations in regional temperature trends between different members of the same model highlight the importance of modeled internal variability characteristics, mainly in the cold season in the northern United States, in dictating trends for at least up to 50 years and for spatial scales as large as the NCA regions.
So we were delighted that she visited the Japan Jewellery Fair today to meet the winner of the Governor of Tokyo Award in JJA Jewellery Design Contest and talk about the importance of the jewellery industry.
Study area off southern Chile showing the average climatology (2003-2012) of normalized Fluorescence Line Height (nFLH) for a) winter (JJA: June, July, August), and b) spring (SON: September, October, November).
(21) Verdins (n 7) 272 [13] (Maxwell P, Buchanan and Vincent JJA).
Berthier K, Chapuis M-P, Simpson SJ, Ferenz H-J, Habib Kane CM, Kang L, Lange A, Ott SR, Babah Ebbe MA, Rodenburg KW, Rogers SM, Torto B, Vanden Broeck J, van Loon JJA, Sword GA (2010) Laboratory populations as a resource for understanding the relationship between genotypes and phenotypes: A global case study in locusts.
Que el error en la simulacion de la precipitacion decrece para el trimestre JJA y que en general los modelos representan bien el ciclo anual de la precipitacion para las regiones naturales de Colombia, exceptuando los modelos HadGEM-CC y HadGEM-ES.
Seasonal variations have shown that in the region 23o-29oN, maximum occurs in summer season (JJA) and minimum in winter season (DJF) with mixed trend in both spring (MAM) and autumn (SON) seasons while in the region between 30o-37oN, maximum is in winter (DJF) and spring (MAM) seasons with minimum in summer (JJA) and autumn (SON) seasons respectively.
Johnelle Sparks PJ, Sparks CS, Campbell JJA. An application of Bayesian spatial statistical methods to the study of racial and poverty segregation and infant mortality rates in the US.
He teamed up with James Clarke and Alex Barkshire in the JJA Racing team for the threehour marathon and they finished third in the National 600 class and 13th overall.
On average, early flood season flows in JJA increase by 10%, while dry season and late flood season flows decreased as shown in Figure 5.
While there is no clear expectation that Amos will be overturned by future courts, at least not in Queensland, the judicial debate does appear to have evolved past the position set out by McPherson and Ambrose JJA. In MP Investments Nominees v Bank of WA Ltd, (73) Judd J stated: