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JJAJazz Journalists Association
JJAJapanese Journal of Allergology
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JJAJapan Juku Association (education)
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List of abbreviations: BATS Biosphere-Atmosphere Transfer Scheme CRU Climate Research Unit, United Kingdom DSS Decision Support System ECHAM5 European Community-Hamburg ENJMP Eastern Nile Joint Multipurpose project GCM Global Climate Model GERD Grand Ethiopian Renaissance dam GPCC Global Precipitation Climate Centre GWH Giga Watt Hour ICTP International Center for Theoretical Physics JJA June- July- August MAR Mean Annual Runoff NAM lumped and conceptual catchment runoff model RegCM4 Regional Climate Model version 4 SON September-October-November
Caption: Figura 5--Anomalia da precipitacao media no Brasil nos trimestres de JJA (linha superior) e DJF (linha inferior) sob ODP- (1948 a 1976--coluna da esquerda), ODP+ (1977 a 1998--coluna do meio) e ODP (1999 a 2011--coluna da direita).
Los trimestres JJA y SON son los menos significativos en cuanto a la senal del ENSO, en el cual se tienen sectores (tonos verdes) que no reflejan un comportamiento climatico coherente con lo esperado bajo el fenomeno de La Nina por indicar comportamiento de la temperatura dentro de lo normal (Figuras 14 y 15).
In Bedford v Canada (AG), (112) Doherty, Rosenberg, and Feldman JJA of the Ontario Court of Appeal struck down the common bawdy-house provision as unconstitutional and limited the prohibition against living on the avails of prostitution by narrowing its application to those who do so "in circumstances of exploitation".
By deciding the case on administrative instead of Charter grounds, McDonald and O'Ferrall JJA vindicated the students, though not on their preferred grounds, and let the University live to fight another day on the Charter issue.
Yao JJA, Couitchere L, Atimere Y, et al Childhood cancer in Cote d'lvoire, 1994--2004--challenges and hopes.
Under conditions of positive SST anomalies over the Mediterranean Sea, the changes in frequency for the ensemble mean reveals: i) an increase of frequency of -ME in JJA (WR25) ii) A significant shift of the +EM (WR24) from June to July iii) Shift in the frequency of WRs associated with +NAO (WR 5, 20, 21, 22) and iv) a less frequency of occurrence of -NAO (WR 6, 16) in September-October.
35] Luo, Lin-Er, van Loon JJA, Schoonhoven LM, Behavioural and sensory responses to some neem compounds by Pierisbrassicae larvae.
Huijsmans CJJ, Schellekens JJA, Wever PC, Toman R, Savelkoul PHM, Janse I, et al.