JJCCJuvenile Justice Coordinating Council
JJCCJacob Javits Convention Center (New York City)
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To uncover the young communists' attitude towards family and sexual conventions, this article focuses mostly on Ramona, a youth-oriented magazine under the control of the JJCC. Significantly, some historians critical of the gender politics of the left have mentioned this magazine in passing, sometimes acknowledging in footnotes the magazine's openness towards topics such as sex.
Hector, a young communist who had joined the JJCC in 1968, remembered that 'one time, Ramona interviewed a showgirl ...
Indeed, it was the JJCC interviewer who posed the question in the official party press and forced the secretary general of the PCCh to state his opinion on this rarely commented subject.
The letters sent to 'Only Ask' reveal the anxieties marital failure awakened among young readers and the editor's responses allow us to examine the nuances of the JJCC's stance.
In the context of massive youth mobilisation and increasing competition with leftist political groups and esoteric social movements, the JJCC decided to open its gates to inexperienced individuals from different backgrounds.
JJCC will be performing at Chan's 60th birthday celebration on April 6 at the Beijing Worker's Gymnasium.
JJCC and Jackie Chan (www.newsen.com and Jackie Chan's website)
The bombardment of the senses with fast-pace action games is said to be causing a shortening of the attention span, thus harming the ability to learn, according to British national newspaper 'The Daily Mail.' Researchers from the JJCC, who investigate the relationship between children, the media, and technology, looked at more than 300 products including computer games, toys, and educational software for home computers.
According to Jane Healy, an educational psychologist from JJCC, research indicates that computer games fuel the development of the basic 'flight or fight' instincts rather than stimulate considered reasoning.
Researchers from JJCC found that computer games involve children sitting isolated in front of a computer screen.