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JJFJapan Juggling Festival (Japan Juggling Association)
JJFJava Jazz Festival (aka Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival; also seen as JIJJF; Indonesia)
JJFJumping Jack Flash
JJFJapan Jewellery Fair
JJFJuvenile Justice Fund (child advocacy organization; Atlanta, GA)
JJFJohn-John Finance (France)
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Amato M, Bitella G, Rossi R, Gomez JA, Lovelli S, Gomez JJF (2009) Multi-electrode 3D resistivity imaging of alfalfa root zone.
In 1994, Namibia became one of the first African countries to establish a Juvenile Justice Forum (JJF) which, during its lifespan, facilitated a range of positive reforms for juvenile offenders.
1 TPB - Peter Falk narrates 1987 movie as a granddad 2 TKAM - Gregory Peck 1962 drama movie 3 SCOM - Guns 'n' Roses' sugary kid 4 JJF - Stones leaping about 5 TMFU - Vaughn and McCallum work for fictitious secret law- enforcement agency TITLE TEASER Solve the clues and rearrange the words to find the Channel 4 animation by Alex Scarfe.
[10.] Lemos CM, Wilhelmsen NSW, Mion OG, Mello JJF. Alteracoes funcionais do sistema estomatognatico em pacientes com rinite alergica: estudo caso-controle.
(two instances), Bay Harbor Management, Greenway Partners, JJF Group
Pearce, S 2006, 'Religious sources of violence', in JJF Forest (ed.), The making of a terrorist, vol.
NJL is a recipient of a post-doctoral scholarship of CONICET (Argentina) and JJF is a member of Carrera del Investigador Cientifico of CONICET (Argentina).
Jonathan Irwin of JJF said: "This is a magical fundraiser for us and it's great to see the children enjoying the hotel grounds and such an array of animals and fun things.
(84.) Farquharson CAJ, Butler R, Hill A, Belch JJF, Struthers AD.
The Northumbria Universitybased club claimed the prestigious 2009 JJF Atemi National Club Shield.