JJHJorgensen, Jensen and Helgaker Method
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JJH: Actually, there was a guy there named John Ginoli, who later on formed a band called The Pansy Division but who worked in a record shop, and it saved me to go to the record shop and find this guy who knew all the English stuff and got the records in.
JJH: Lipsitz, Rey Chow, Nancy Armstrong, Paula Rabinowitz, John Mowitt.
JJH: I'm not a typical Nancy Armstrong student in that I didn't want to do what she did, and I didn't always understand what she was doing, but I was quite influenced by her.
JJH: I do, but they're very sensitive nowadays, you know, and they can't handle it.
JJH: I'm amazed how many of the interests that I have in Skin Shows I still have in some way, as you say.
JJH: I really came into my own as a junior professor, in the period when everyone was debating postmodernism.
JJH: I'm quite happy with the silliness in my writing and wish I would read more of in academia.
JJH: For me, theory is a way of opening up new ways of thinking.
JJH: I'm drawn to ideas of the political that are more structural than content-driven.
JJH: It's another one of these sprawling books that does a lot of things.