JJOJapanese Journal of Ophthalmology (est. 1957)
JJOJungle Jump Off
JJOJoachim Johansson Org (fan club)
JJOJapanese Journal of Ornithology
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The strongest ewes were a tremendous trade, Suffolk X to PS132 and PS120.50 from LH Attewell & Partners; PS122 DO & JJO Stephens; PS122 & PS119 from PC Jenkins.
So how was he given this sentence with the JJO still in place.
Mazari said it was inexplicable how terror target killers are removed from the ambit of terrorist courts while a man who was clearly wrongly sentenced to death as a juvenile in the face of the JJO may now be hanged.
(18.) Cermeno JR, Cermeno JJE, Hernandez I, Godoy G, Cermeno JJO, Cabello I, Orellan Y, Blanco Y, Penna S.
Heavy lambs very short in number, also holding up well to 243p/kg (PS112-46kg) JCD & KA Richardson & Son; 242p/kg (PS115-47.5kg) DO & JJO Stephens, which was top price per head.
Heavy lambs also selling well to a top of 184p/kg (PS84.20-45.8kg) from KM & FJ Jones; 181p/kg (PS87-48kg) TW & BE Jones; 180p/kg (PS87-48.5kg) AG Robinson & Sons; and a top price per head of PS98 (61.3kg) from DO & JJO Stephens.
(34.) Toscano JJO. Atividade fisica e qualidade de vida relacionada a saude de idosos do sexo feminino [dissertacao].
Texels from GW & FM Jones topped the sale at PS115, Suffolks from SD & JR Jones to PS114 and PS104 for DO & JJO Stephens.
Again well bred and finished lambs 40kg and over around 195-200 pence with a top of 202p/kg (PS91.20-45.1kg) from D Hallam and 200p/kg (PS80-40kg) NJ Squire (PS81-40.6kg) R Williams (PS86-43kg) DO & JJO Stephens (PS90-45kg) G Walters (PS90-45kg) WN Waters & Sons.
Evenly drawn well-finished lambs to terrific demand and a number of pens 40-45kg and 210 pence including top price on the day of 213p/kg achieved three times from SJ Gait (PS92.80-43.5kg), DO & JJO Stephens (PS95.80-45kg) and TJ Waters (PS85-40kg) closely followed at 212p/kg by WGB Miles (PS89.50-42.2kg) and SE Gamble (PS84.80-40kg).
Reviewers John D Adams JDA Lynne Babbage LB Kevin Brophy KB Elspeth Cameron EC Jane Campbell JCa Meredith Capp MC John Cohen JC Graham Davey GD Chris Dayman CDa Elizabeth Douglas ED Lee Finkelstein LF Peg Goode PG Jo Goodman JG Judithe Hall JH Anne Hanzl AH Pam Harvey PH Heather Henderson HH Margot Hillel MH Judith James JJ Jilaine Johnson JJo Rebecca Kemble RK Joy Lawn JLa Julie Long JL Helen Martin HM Chloe Mauger CM John McKenzie JMcK David Murphy DM Sally Murphy SM Marilyn Murray MM John Nolan JN Maurice Saxby MS Sharon Seymour SS Kevin Steinberger KS Joy Steward JS Kaye Throssell KT