JJTJuvenile Justice Team (Australia)
JJTJosephson Junction Transistor
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Cluster 1 was mainly made up of individuals sampled from 4 sublocations of the Jiuquan region (JJT, 0.981 implying that 98.1% of the individuals from the JJT sublocation contributed to this cluster, and that corresponding contributions from the remaining 3 sublocations in this region were: JYD, 0.966; JXD, 0.944 and JZZ, 0.774).
St Louis at San Francisco jjT Jason Smith (knee) is questionable and QB Marc Bulger (shoulder) is a big doubt.
However, the real benefits lie in water saving, but also in the fact that they are odourless, which creates a more pleasant environment, a feature that is particularly important for restaurants," said Theo Thedorou, co-owner of JJT Distributions.
(103.) Chopra M, Fitzsimons PEE, Strain JJT, et al.
Carmarthenshire's Rhoson Shem, owned by JJT & MG Davies, finished ahead of Stanley Grange Cocksure, a two-year-old Welsh Part-Bred entered by Middles brough's Jerome Harforth.
The Politics of the Forked Tongue: Authoritarian Liberalism is available from New European Publications, 14-16 Carroun Road, London SW8 JJT at [pounds sterling]9 including postage and packaging.
Ewbank said that one of the commission team's biggest concerns was over shipping the material to JJT Inc.
On other fronts, Piranha is acquiring JJT Inc., which designed a system to digitize 300,000 Library of Congress images.
John Thibodeau is the owner of JJT Computing in Hawkins.
The contract, awarded to JJT, Inc., covers a variety of original formats, including transmitted-light items (e.g., negatives and transparencies) and reflected-light items (e.g., photographic prints and baseball cards) but excluding oversize items such as architectural drawings.
The first treatment ever of agent-less indirect forms in Late Egyptian, Sethe's (1899-1902, 2: [section][section]899-900), is still the most detailed.(12) For example, Sethe alone quotes Late Egyptian examples in which the undergoer is a personal pronoun (1899-1902, 2: [section][section]899-900), as expressed by a suffix pronoun, as in j wt.k sb jjt.k r jr.s "your office which you have been taught to execute" (Papyrus Anastasi I 13,7).