JKAJapan Karate Association
JKAJabatan Kejuruteraan Awam (Malaysian academic organization)
JKAJedi Knight 2: Jedi Academy (gaming)
JKAJim D. Koontz & Associates, INc.
JKAJaded Knights Academy (gaming clan)
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JKA Bahrain classes started on the island back in 2006.
According to a message received here, the Grand Master Shiina Katsutoshi (7th Don), head of JKA Japan headquarter, world karate champion, shall impart extensive karate training to Pakistani karate players here on January 24-25.
Tariq Ahmad, Country Representative, JKA Pakistan, informed that this is an open event, and invited the general public, particularly parents and school administrators to send their children to learn from this specialized training to be conducted by a Japanese grand master.
The Tournament was operated in-line with JKA Japan Tournament Rules and Regulations involving five official and certified judges.
A medical team was brought in immediately, but despite the treatment she died due to a skull fracture," JKA said on its website.
On top of that, it is stipulated in keirin law, that after every race meeting the JKA must receive a set subsidy from the relevant keirin administration authority.
LAST weekend saw 12 Scots battling it out against competitors from some of the strongest European nations at the JKA European Championships in Serbia & Montenegro.
Lingela showed his potential at the JKA open held in Francistown, as he walked away with a gold medal in the individual kumite and silver in kata while his team also won the kata and also won silver at the Japanese Open in the individual kumite.
JKA Tokyo Head Office is sponsoring a Gulf-wide event on November 20-22, which will be hosted by JKA Bahrain and attended by martial artists from all over the region.
O kumite (luta) de competicao (shiai) do karate shotokan que segue fielmente os ensinamentos do mestre Funakoshi, durante o combate, e regulamentado pela JKA (Japan Karate Association) e pela ITKF (International Traditional Karate Federation).