JKAJapan Karate Association
JKAJapan Kendama Association
JKAJapan Korfball Association
JKAJabatan Kejuruteraan Awam (Malaysian academic organization)
JKAJedi Knight 2: Jedi Academy (gaming)
JKAJim D. Koontz & Associates, INc.
JKAJaded Knights Academy (gaming clan)
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Katsutoshi SHIINA, a leading Karate player from Japan and JKA official instructor, 7th Dan [The levels are divided into 'Kyu' and 'Dan', and the levels start from Kyu (10 to 1) to Dan (1 to 10)] will offer opportunities not only for the participants to enhance their martial arts skills but also for people of Pakistan to explore the fun and excitement of Karate.
Five members of the team were from his team, under the titelage of JKA world instructors.
The first-ever JKA WF course to be held at the Lagoon took place earlier this month and attracted nearly 250 karate lovers from across the globe.
Ehab Eshehawi, JKA Bahrain's chairman and chief instructor, said: "The Japanese instructors will be teaching new techniques, as well as testing students for black belt higher levels."
According to a message received here, the Grand Master Shiina Katsutoshi (7th Don), head of JKA Japan headquarter, world karate champion, shall impart extensive karate training to Pakistani karate players here on January 24-25.
The Tournament was operated in-line with JKA Japan Tournament Rules and Regulations involving five official and certified judges.
Several championships of kumite of the JKA (Japan Karate Association) and of the ITKF (International Traditional Karate Federation) were selected in the Internet.
In 2007, Van Lowe's faith in his team was rewarded when his agent, Jim Kellem (JKA Talent & Literary), did what Van Lowe thought he couldn't by inking a book deal at Tor Teen, a division of publishing powerhouse MacMillan/St.
Teams expected to join are the Advocacy in the Strengthening of Karatedo (ASK), the University of the Visayas (UV) karate club, the Labogon Karate Club of Mandaue City (LKC-MC), Arnis-Shotukan Karatedo Society (ASKS), AUF-Talisay, Mandaue City Karatedo Club and the Japan Karate Association (JKA)-Headquarters.
(1.) McDougall JS, Cook JKA. Turkey rhinotracheitis: preliminary investigations.
The dried sprouts were ground in a hammer mill (Culatti, Model: JKA Werk, Type: DCFH, Germany) and sieved with a 60 mesh screen (Model BS 410, Endeco London, England).