JKGJust Keep Going
JKGJohannes Kepler Gymnasium (German school)
JKGJedi Knight Galaxies (gaming)
JKGJonkoping, Sweden - Axamo (Airport Code)
JKGJohny Kentus Gang (Czech soccer fan group)
JKGJulius Klein Group (New York, NY)
JKGJones Knowledge Group, Inc. (Centennial, CO; online education and training)
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as an issue worthy of attention' (p.50) As Berry elsewhere notes, JKG always advocated pro-poor policies, and did so particularly prominently in The Good Society.
Cruz-Hernandez C, Kramer JKG, Kennelly JJ, Glimm DR, Sorensen BM, Okine EK, Goonewardene LA, Weselake RJ (2007) Evaluating the conjugated linoleic acid and trans 18:1 isomers in milk fat of dairy cows fed increasing amounts of sunflower oil and a constant level of fish oil.
Speakers: Jeff Guckenberger, of JKG Electric, and Paul Hoerauf, of Minute Man Commercial Services.
Hasta dermatolojik inceleme ve histopatolojik bulgular ile juvenil ksantogranuloma (JKG) tanisi ald.
(10.) Boerma, JT, Mati JKG. Identifying maternal mortality through networking: Results from coastal Kenya.
(27.) De Rojas MV, Dart JKG, Saw VPJ: The naturel history of Stevens-Johnson syndrome: patterns of chronic ocular disease and the role systemic immunosuppressive therapy.
580 Fifth Avenue, a prestigious address for the diamond industry, announced that the Julius Klein Group (JKG), a diamond supplier/dealer, will relocate its New York City headquarters and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to a substantial space in the building this year.
(3.) Cruz-Hernandez C, Kramer JKG, [cruz] Kennelly JJ, Glimm DR, Sorensen BM, Okine EK et al.
JKG was observed to have had several activities that were attractive to women, this included kiosks selling women merchandize, sporting facilities, which attracted women groups.
(Eds A Pattison, JKG Ward, TA McMahon, B Watson) pp.
A Northern Arts Entertainment release of a JKG Production presentation of a Jonathan D.
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