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JKPJessica Kingsley Publishers
JKPJill Kelly Productions
JKPJames K Polk
JKPJonathan Koh Photography
JKPJavno Komunalno Podjetje Šentjur Ltd. (Slovenian: Šentjur Public Development Company; est. 1990; Šentjur, Slovenia)
JKPJan Karel Pieterse (Netherlands)
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We will be using JKP Education's internationally recognized project to uplift and improve communities as an example to instill the value of selfless service in our youth through our character building and leadership programs throughout the US,” explained Swami Mukundananda, founder of JKYog.
Moses Barnabas, operations manager at JKP said: "Our strategy is to deliver top-notch food services at an affordable price.
The formation of JKP Group is the culmination of a lifelong pursuit to combine their shared work ethic, professionalism and writing expertise.
JKP is well known in the US for its books on child psychiatry, arts therapies and autism.
With the help of JKP Informatika, a Serbian system integration company and Aimetis Certified Partner, the installation of Aimetis Symphony Enterprise license enabled the city to choose the different analytics that suited the requirements of each location.
The JKP library of movies will be a welcome addition to our much anticipated adult line-up of original programs and movies.
JKP Holdings granted Mad Engine worldwide rights to distribute the new line of Jill Kelly Productions Apparel and Accessories, which includes printed T-shirts, knit tops, tank tops, pullovers, boxer shorts, and headwear, through specialty stores, department stores, mass market venues, and the Internet.
JKP received one or more nominations in eight categories, including Best Video Feature, Best Overall Marketing Campaign, Best Boxcover Concept, Best VHS Packaging and several top performer categories.
For example, the ROM needed to allow JKP to organize and display, upon user request, hundreds -- and likely thousands -- of documents regarding technical specifications, instructions and information relating to the product and also about video calibration techniques for many different devices made by several manufacturers.
JKP") and its partner under the brand "Collateral Damage XXX" as well as films under the brand "BLU" for which JKP recently acquired North American distribution rights.
JKP features its adult films and its growing roster of talented film stars on its website at http://www.