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By adding the Weighted General Equipment classification JLCw values and the territorial attractiveness classification csnt.n(A.n) the range of numerical variables for the JLE "airport potential classification" is obtained.
Next, we describe the methods used to define (i) Weighted General Classification Equipment JLCw (Table 7); (ii) the Statistical Analysis for the definition of Thresholds of Attractiveness (ssd.n) (Table 8(a)); (iii) the way we formulated Thresholds of Attractiveness for each quantity obtained in JLCw (Table 8(b)).
A sensitivity analysis can be conducted on the JLCw and JLD levels, analyzing the repercussions on the JLE level, in that they are a combination of previous Judgment Levels, shifting Thresholds of Attractiveness by a few percentage points (ssd.n).