JLIJesup & Lamont, Inc. (est. 1877; New York, NY; financial analysts)
JLIJiffy Lube International, Inc. (Houston, TX)
JLIJustice League International
JLIJapanese Language Institute (Sapporo, Japan)
JLIJewish Learning Initiative
JLIJunior League of Indianapolis
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GIB will make a [pounds sterling]23 million investment in the project, with JLI investing in a stake worth [pounds sterling]27 million.
First, a point of clarification: while the CL and JLI share some similarities where they intersect on topics related to collaboration, they really are complementary and not competitive publications.
For JLI and GNR, red was the correct comparison after a chi sample and green was the correct comparison after an omega sample.
I also imagine the athlete carrying the flag to be a female dressed in the traditional, colorful jli Kurdi.
JLI: Otro factor de importancia en estos proyectos es no limitarse a los aspectos meramente tecnicos; los aspectos sociales, culturales y organizacionales son tan o mas importantes para la sostenibilidad del proyecto.
(6.) Diez JM, Alonso JLI, Gonzalez-Moro JMR, Ramos PL, Cano JMB, Paris JM.
In 2004 the Joint Learning Initiative (JLI) published a document on Human Resources for Health Overcoming the Crisis.
Another option is to incorporate a latent or hidden image into the pastel colours that becomes immediately visible with the use of a simple diffusion filter; Toppan has called this feature Jeweltone Latent Image (JLI).
The Habad-Lubavitch movement is quite active in promoting the teachings of the Rebbe through its Kehot Publishing Society, which is one of the largest publishers in the world; its JLI (Jewish Learning Institute); "Tzivos Hashem" (Army of God) youth movement; and Habad (Chabad) Houses on university campuses and in residential districts.
Moreover, healthy skin cells, including epidermal, neural, Langerhans cells, melanocytes, hair follicles with adjacent structures, and sweat glands, were negative for JLI (data not shown).
Con una frecuencia notablemente menor, se recibieron 54 juicios para dirimir los conflictos o diferencias laborales entre el Instituto Federal Electoral y sus servidores (JLI).
The Joint Learning Initiative (JLI), a network of global health leaders, defines a shortage as less than 2.5 health care professionals per 1,000 people; the minimum proportion it deemed necessary to provide 80% of a country's population with basic health care.