JLIAJapan Leather and Leather Goods Industries Association (est. 1986)
JLIAJapan Livestock Industry Association
JLIAJean Lesage International Airport (Quebec, Canada)
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Nowadays, in Japan there is an organization called Japan Law Interpreter Association [phrase omitted] nihon shiho tsuyakushi rengokai (JLIA) which gathers translators and interpreters in court interpreting.
The annual yield of maize and pasture (timothy and alfalfa) were assumed to be 13,770 kg DM/ha and 5,740 kg DM/ha in Hokkaido and 12,393 kg DM/ha and 6,020 kg DM/ha in Honshu (JLIA, 1990).
A meeting between Japan Lumber Importers Association (JLIA) and Apkindo in August, 1999 agreed to comply with the ITTO rule.
Japanese buyers seem to have been very serious about product ecolabeling and certification requirements, as reflected by the fact that the Japan Lumber Importers' Association (JLIA) and Apkindo reached an agreement on this issue in August 1999.
Pedro Makita Jlia also referred to the ongoing work against corruption, nepotism, impunity, flattery and other ills that still afflict Angolan society.
JLIA and Apkindo reached an agreement in August 1999 on the use of ecolabel certificate for timber products from Indonesia.
at the headquarters of the Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality (Avenida da Repblica 32 - 1, Lisbon), in which the protagonists of the campaign - Isaac dos Santos, Jlia Mendes Pereira and Santiago M'Banda Lime.