JLLISJoint Lessons Learned Information System
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(8) The relationship between JTIMS and JLLIS is described in detail in the Chairman's Training Instruction.
* JTIMS and JLLIS currently can and do communicate.
* The two systems cannot communicate, but the next JLLIS software release, scheduled for December 2017, will enable this capability.
* Appropriate issues are transferred from JTIMS to JLLIS.
* Data are not actually transferred from JTIMS to JLLIS; data must be exported from JTIMS and then manually entered into JLLIS.
NLLIS (as well as JLLIS) is available in classified and unclassified versions.
Anyone with a DoD Common Access Card can access the information on NLLIS (or JLLIS) through a user-friendly self-registration process, Marshall said.
Whenever possible, JLLD studies are posted to one or more appropriate networks, including unclassified or classified Intel Share, JLLIS, and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Battlefield Information Combat Exploitation System.
By August 2008, the initial baseline JLLIS had been installed in all 10 CCMDs, the four Services, and three combat support agencies (CSAs).
In addition to supporting the sharing and learning part of the JLLP, JLLIS was equipped with a capability to support an issue resolution process.
JCOA continued to operate under its commander's program paradigm, while the J7 Pentagon element, the Joint Lessons Learned Branch (JLLB), continued to support and expand the use of JLLIS, enhancing the knowledge management and learning aspect of the program.
In March 2014, version 3.4 of JLLIS software was released and the system was declared to be at full operational capability.