JLLPJohn Levy Lighting Productions (Los Angeles, CA)
JLLPJoint Lessons Learned Program
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23) This notice was quickly followed in October 2008 by an out-of-cycle revision to the JLLP instruction, CJCSI 3150.
This new capability was recognized in the 2009 revision to the JLLP guidance directive, CJCSI 3150.
Given Joint Staff J7's policy and oversight role in the JLLP, it made sense to reunite the two parts of the JLLP under one organizational lead.
26) The Chairman's new authority was incorporated into the most recent JLLP instruction (CJCSI 3150.
Ensuring there is adequate bandwidth, within the JLLP in general and the Joint Staff in particular, to execute this process will be critical to continued success.