JLLPJoint Lessons Learned Program
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The first, a report by the Defense Science Board's Lessons Learned Task Force, was an independent, classified, strategic-level view of lessons learned during OIF, but it also contained observations and insights on the JLLP itself.
While JCOA continued to perform well supporting the commander's program aspect of the JLLP, the Joint Staff J7 lessons learned element worked largely behind the scenes in 2005-2006 to lay the groundwork for a new Web-based, universally accessible automated support tool for sharing of lessons, the Joint Lessons Learned Information System (JLLIS).
The Chairman signed out a CJCS Notice on January 22 establishing JLLIS as "the DoD system of record for the JLLP." (23) This notice was quickly followed in October 2008 by an out-of-cycle revision to the JLLP instruction, CJCSI 3150.25D, institutionalizing the decision.
In addition to supporting the sharing and learning part of the JLLP, JLLIS was equipped with a capability to support an issue resolution process.
Given Joint Staff J7's policy and oversight role in the JLLP, it made sense to reunite the two parts of the JLLP under one organizational lead.
One of those new authorities was "formulating policies for gathering, developing, and disseminating joint lessons learned for the armed forces." (26) The Chairman's new authority was incorporated into the most recent JLLP instruction (CJCSI 3150.25F), signed June 26, 2015.
Ensuring there is adequate bandwidth, within the JLLP in general and the Joint Staff in particular, to execute this process will be critical to continued success.