JLOEBJunior League of Oakland-East Bay (California)
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The annual JLOEB Artful Living Home Tour 2008 will allow everyone from design enthusiasts to the general public a unique peek into these four architecturally-inspired homes, while at the same time benefiting underserved children.
It gives the JLOEB a new avenue to expand efforts in reaching people about what we do and make a deeper impact in our community.
Oftentimes, all it takes is a simple action to result in something truly impactful," said Tricia Stenger, President, JLOEB 2008-2009.
The JLOEB is committed to shaping the future and we believe in making what is thought to be the impossible a reality.
Without volunteers from the Junior League and the support of the community and state both in terms of time and money, programs such as Super Stars Literacy would not be possible, leaving many children without access to important educational enrichment opportunities," said Carla Koren, JLOEB Chair, Super Stars Literacy.
Through the generosity of the homeowners who have opened these inspired homes, the League invites you to enjoy and explore Orinda," said Diane Stevenson, JLOEB President.
And, this tradition continues on in the East Bay Area of Northern California where the JLOEB is working together with experts in the culinary, nutrition and medical fields to share information with children and parents, and the community at large, about the basics of healthy cooking, snacking and nutrition.
What is truly inspiring about the Artful Living Home Tour is that every year people can visit different cities and experience how homeowners are integrating art and architecture," said Dinah MacFarlane, Artful Living Home Tour Co-Chair, JLOEB.
As a featured home on the tour, your home will be professionally staged and the JLOEB will offer complimentary floral arrangements.
As a leading women's volunteer organization, the Junior League of Oakland-East Bay is committed to developing the potential of women as community leaders," said Sabrina Benjamin, JLOEB President, 2004-2005.
JLOEB) invites Bay Area residents to celebrate seven decades of community service, pay tribute to past League presidents, and benefit JLOEB community projects, focusing on Children at Risk.