JLOTJudgment of Line Orientation Test (neurology)
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Mangina Test (MT): In SLD, visuospatial spans are affected not only in perception and orientation (the features measured by JLOT) but also in visualization and cognition (15,68).
The PD group performed significantly worse than the control group in the JLOT, F(1, 60) = 7.69, p = .007, on the FRT, F(1, 60) = 12.47, p = .001, and Block Design subtest, F(1, 59) = 6.07, p = .017.
En el JLOT el grupo de pacientes con EP rindio peor en comparacion con el grupo control (tabla 2).
The brigade moves equipment and supplies, through LOTS and RSOI tasks to the supported force or acts as the joint task force headquarters for JLOTS. These capabilities connect RSOI from ports to the assembly areas, where forces conduct integration using the brigade's total over-the-shore capabilities including its inland cargo transfer companies and movement control teams.
This bilateral exercise provided a real world scenario for the 97th TC to showcase its capabilities as a JLOTS asset.
* Power generation to support the JLOTS and critical mission command systems.
A training exercise such as JLOTS contributes significantly to the brigade's ability to perform this type of mission anywhere in the world.
As the Army's executive agent for JLOTS, SDDC's responsibilities include planning, execution, resourcing, guidance and training oversight for JLOTS exercises to improve Army power projection, force deployment, and logistics support to the warfighter.
JLOTS is a key enabler to many combatant command operation plans.
As part of an initiative known as Joint Logistics Over The Shore (Jlots), the army is scheduled to operate 148 vessels by 2013 which will include high-speed boats capable of landing a Stryker armoured vehicle.
-- About 1,800 active and Reserve military personnel from all four military services will pull their expertise together in the upcoming Joint Logistics Over-The-Shore (JLOTS) 2006 exercise here June 11-21.