JLTCJunior Leader Training Conference (Boy Scouts of America)
JLTCJoint Language Training Center
JLTCJunior Leiter Trainings Camp (Royal Rangers; Germany)
JLTCJoint Logistics Transformation Center (USJFCOM)
JLTCJunior Leader Training Course (Boy Scouts of America)
JLTCJefferson-Lewis Teacher Center (Watertown, NY)
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The JLTC proposed to abolish the doctrine of notice, including constructive notice, but indicated that it should amount to fraud to allow a person acquiring an interest in land to defeat a prior unregistered interest where he or she not only knew of the prior unregistered interest but also that the holder of that interest objected to the transfer and would be prejudiced by it.
As part of Altera's worldwide University Program, the JLTCs are equipped with the latest Altera([R]) Quartus([R]) II design software and a set of Altera DE2-70 development kits to aid professors in conducting hands-on training with students.
In conjunction with the opening of the Peking University and Altera International Limited Joint EDA/SOPC Lab, Altera has invited key professors from the other 65 JLTCs to attend the opening ceremony and participate in a three-day training on Altera products and technology.