JLUSJoint Land Use Study
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(30) JLUS Program Description, supra note 14, at I.
(34) NAT'L GOVERNOR'S ASSOC., CENTER FOR BEST PRACTICES, ISSUE BRIEF: MILITARY INSTALLATIONS PRESSURED BY SPRAWL I (2002) available at http://www.nga.org/cda/files/100802SPRAWL.pdf (last visited May 20, 2005) [hereinafter PRESSURED BY SPRAWL]; see also JLUS Program Description, supra note 14, at I (recognizing the increase in land use conflicts as urban growth continues to rise near military installations).
(35) The source of the noise may be anything from "low flying, high performance, military aircraft" on training exercises to ground impact noise from artillery firing ranges, JLUS Program Description, supra note 14, at 1.
(40) JLUS Program Description, supra note 14, at 1 (noting that this is particularly true for such land uses as residences, schools, places of assembly ...
Since the program started in 1985, there have been 28 JLUS. Successes have been largely due to diligent actions by local government officials.
He has over 35 years of experience in land use planning and development regulations and currently manages the JLUS program for OEA.
The purpose of this Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) is to create a community-driven, cooperative, strategic planning process among SUBASE New London and the municipalities of Town of Groton, Town of Waterford, Town of Ledyard, City of Groton, City of New London, and Town of Montville, to: 1) promote community development that is compatible with the military training, testing, and operational missions; and 2) seek ways to reduce operational impacts on adjacent lands.
The Commonwealth Of Virginia Is Seeking Professional Services In Developing A Unified Approach To Carry Out Statewide Recommendations Of The Completed Or Soon To Be Completed Joint Land Use Studies (jlus) At Six (6) Military Installations Within The Commonwealth.
Request for Proposal for Consultant for Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) for Stones Ranch and Camp Niantic.
The Consultant Will Meet With The Jlus Project Sponsor To Review And Refine, As Needed, The Jlus Work Plan And Make Any Necessary Adjustments That Will Not Impact The Overall Budget And Scope Of The Project.