JMBRASJournal of Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society
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Winstedt's article "A Brunei Code" (1923) opens the JMBRAS series.
Amin Sweeney states that the spelling of the jawi word is "not clear," but reads like "b-ht-r-y," which he transliterates as "Bahteri" ("Silsilah Raja-Raja Berunai," in JMBRAS, 41:2, 1968, p.
Prayudi, Daeng Eka 2009 Istane Alwatzikhoebillah: Sambas Diserang Inggris 1812-13 (available online; cited in JMBRAS (December 2012):15.
Reviewed by Abu Talib Ahmad in JMBRAS, 85(1), June 2012:118-22.
52) Reviewed by Phillip L Thomas in JMBRAS 1988/2:140-2.
Reviewed by Ooi Keat Gin in JMBRAS 84(2), December 2011 : 126-8.
A recent article in JMBRAS has given us a taste of what is to come.
Taught at the University of Malaya at Singapore (1955-60) and Kuala Lumpur (1960-3); University of Singapore, 1963-71; "both a meticulous scholar and an inspiring teacher" (Professor Khoo Kay Kim, JMBRAS, July 1982:90).
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