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(Sprichwort) = Eine anerkennend geaussierte, positive Beurteilung, die man jmdm., seinem Tun, Verhalten o.
(1) German jmdm. Iauft die Galle uber "sb.'s gall/bile flows over" Italian avere un travaso di bile "to have an outpouring of bile" Upper Sorbian zolc so prelije/preliwa nekomu "sb.'s bile flows over" Estonian kellelgi loob sapppahe "sb.'s bile strikes into the head" all meaning 'to become very angry' According to the physiologically motivated ANGER metaphor, "gall" could be any "container", randomly interchangeable with other hollow organs of the body, but this is not the case.
A crucial element in this headline is the use of the German expression jmdm. geht etwas auf den Keh, which means 'something gets on somebody's nerves'.