JMETCJoint Mission Environment Test Capability
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The RSDPs are an essential component to the JMETC 2.0 infrastructure, hosting several of the cloud services provided by JMETC 2.0.
JMETC is the DoD corporate program that provides the necessary test infrastructure to conduct joint distributed events by cost-effectively integrating live, virtual, and constructive test resources to support a program's needs for assessments and tests.
The principal mechanism for direction of the JMETC program is the quarterly JMETC users group meetings.
There are several programs and test and technology initiatives that have leveraged distributed testing and the JMETC program.
Navy lead and JSuW JCTD program manager, "Because of the dedication and expertise of the JMETC team, the simulated exercise stayed up and was stable all week, allowing us to execute all desired scenarios." The JSuW team will continue to use distributed testing to assess the full suite of net-enabled weapons-related data-link messages that provide control and guidance commands until the JSuW effort transitions to live-fly in this fiscal year.
JEFX has a 10-year history of aggressively using distributed live, virtual, and constructive operations and, in fiscal year 2009, determined that JMETC was the optimal path to provide the required tools, connectivity, and on-demand network infrastructure for JEFX's continuous experimentation requirements.
The Army has also done extensive distributed infrastructure testing using JMETC to prepare for Future Combat Systems testing and the follow-on Brigade Combat Team modernization.
If you are considering distributed testing, or are already committed to distributed testing but want to explore options with JMETC, contact the JMETC Program Management Office.
JMETC team members will work with your program office and integrated test team to determine options, requirements, and resources needed to execute optimal distributed testing.
Equally important, JMETC used JBD2 as an opportunity to characterize the network infrastructure and mature the baseline capability required to support system of systems-level testing across the DoD components.
* Mature the JMETC baseline capability to support system of systems-level testing across the Services.
Reusability of previous JTEM test products and processes--Joint Fires mission threads, the JMETC virtual private network, DoD Architecture Framework products, and CTM products--exceeded expectations.