JMETLJoint Mission-Essential Task List (US DoD)
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Our joint experiences while deployed can help units--from the bottom up--identify JMETL tasks that need to be trained on back at home station.
Perhaps a further refined JMETL process would be a good place to start by detailing quantifiable capabilities necessary to execute combatant commander tasks.
We invited the CFC staff and component representatives to help cull the JMETL tasks to those considered most significant.
For example, during Cobra Gold '02 in Thailand, conducted with III Marine Expeditionary Force as deputy combined task force headquarters, a number of technologies were exposed to operational scrutiny, with use of new procedures for JTF headquarters and JMETL standards (26 specific tasks).
Joint training and experimentation specialists assigned to each regional combatant command could assist in grading technology insertion capacity to achieve JMETL criteria, eventually enhancing implementation of the standing joint force command and control element concept, which is heavily dependent on emerging technology.
To provide a comprehensive account of readiness, CINCs report on readiness to execute items on the joint mission-essential task lists (JMETLs) developed for assigned missions.
Combatant commands both conduct mission analysis and publish a joint mission essential task list (JMETL) for subordinate commanders.