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Among counseling journals, only JMHC (Crockett et al., 2012), JEC (Erfbrd, Crockett, et al., 2011), and CVJ (Erford et al., 2013) have higher percentages of practitioner contributors.
The Journal of Mental Health Counseling (JMHC) publication pattern review: A meta-study of author and article characteristics, 1994-2009.
Since its inception 40 years ago in 1978, JMHC has had 10 editors, three of whom were women, who have guided it through numerous changes and advances in the field of mental health counseling (MHC).
Gerstein (1989) reported that JMHC's circulation had grown significantly over the 10 years of its existence under the leadership of its four editors William Weikel, James Wiggins, Linda Seligman, and Lawrence Gerstein.
The Advocate: What drew you to work on the JMHC, and what do you enjoy about your work on the Journal?
AMHCA's Journal of Mental Health Counseling is working on a special issue for October 2015 on "Trauma Counseling and Interventions." Currently, the JMHC editor, Dr.
Manuscripts suitable for the JMHC are those that provide new ideas or timely reviews that are directly pertinent to the practice of mental health counseling ...
The Journal of Mental Health Counseling (JMHC) is planning a special issue on "Trauma Counseling and Interventions" for the October 2015 issue.
This article introduces the Special Issue of the Journal of Mental Health Counseling (JMHC), Contemporary Issues in Private Practice, and highlights the paucity of scholarly literature dealing with private practice; recalls the historic challenges between the research and clinical communities related to field-based research and collaboration and accurately quantifying the actual number of private practitioners; and reflects on the recent past and future of private practice counseling.
Due to the incredible interest in the articles that appeared in the April issue in the Journal of Mental Health Counseling (JMHC) on "Mental Health in Primary Care," the contributors to the April Journal will partner with CMHCs and other practitioners to help counselors find innovative ways to translate the recommendations in the Journal articles into everyday practice and to engage primary care physicians and specialists.
Patterns of articles published in the Journal of Mental Health Counseling (JMHC) from 1994 through 2009 were reviewed.
Kline (CES, ACES) Ned Farley (AGLBIC) Don Pope-Davis (JMCD, AMCD) Carole Pistole (JMHC, AMHCA) Douglas Strohmer (RCB, ARCA) Ken Hughey (PSC, ASCA) Dennis W.