JMIPJoint Military Intelligence Program
JMIPJohn Marek Independent Party (political party; UK)
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They don't care if it's an NFIP program, a JMIP program, a TIARA program.
CAMBONE: Senator, the cryptological support group that might be in Baghdad belongs to the NFIP out of NSA, supporting a special operations team that isn't in the intelligence budget at all, working with a tactical HUMINT team member from the Army, down in the TIARA accounts, working to bring together the information from a satellite, which is in the NFIP account, and an airplane, which is in the JMIP.
JMIP programs, established as a separate category in 1994, supported DOD-wide activities.
Within the MIP are programs that formerly constituted the JMIP that support DOD-wide intelligence efforts as well as programs directly supporting military operations that were formerly categorized as TIARA.
JMIP historically has received over 10% of the intelligence budget.