JMOCCJoint Military Operations Coordination Committee
JMOCCJoint Maritime Operations Command Center
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(63) The Joint Ministerial Committee is then responsible for creating the JMOCC, discussed above, consisting of representatives from both parties.
Ultimately it will fall to the JMOCC to address these ambiguities.
This coordination will take place through the JMOCC. Id.
For joint use facilities and areas adjacent to agreed facilities, the JMOCC will establish mechanisms for entry and use.
(9) Article 23 requires the creation of a Joint Ministerial Committee, which in turn shall create the JMOCC and a Joint Committee, for the purpose of implementing and interpreting the Security Agreement, as well as settling disputes arising under the Security Agreement.
* Creation pursuant to the Security Agreement of the Joint Military Operations Coordination Committee (JMOCC), which grants some decision-making authority over U.S.
commanders in Iraq to receive approval from the Iraqi government through the JMOCC before engaging in military activities.
Underneath that body, the Joint Military Operations Coordination Committee (JMOCC), co-chaired by the Iraqi Minister of Defense and the MNF-I Commanding General, includes sub-sections, under U.S.-Iraqi co-chairmanship: Temporary Committee for Iraqi Handover; Military Operations, Training and Logistical Support; Vehicle, Vessel and Aircraft Movement; Transfer of Security Responsibility to the Provinces.