JMPDJohannesburg Metropolitan Police Department
JMPDJournal of Maori and Pacific Development (New Zealand)
JMPDJAERI (Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute) Material Performance Database
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In its Committee Meeting , members of the Portfolio Committee on Community Safety expressed concerns over the alleged use of excessive force by JMPD Officers whilst restraining an alleged drunk driver to draw blood samples from her.
The Johannesburg church, whose members were the ones reportedly seen in the video, has defended itself after the violent clash, which resulted in one of the JMPD officers being hurt and ending up in hospital.
Police said the attack reportedly took place when the two officials from JMPD hooked up an illegally parked cara which reportedly belonged to a member of the church on Claim Street in Hillbrowa as the vehicle was said to have caused traffic congestion.
"From interim investigations, it is believed that the JMPD officer drew his firearm and fired into the air to stop the rioting congregants from advancing toward them, but the crowd did not heed the warning but proceeded to attack the officer," according to a statement issued by Wayne Minnaar and Edna Mamonyane for the Joburg public safety department,( Citybuzz reported.
Since the JMPD is a high-dimensional entity that can not be computed in closed form, particle filters (PFs) have been used to approximate the JMPD in realistic scenarios involving tracking multiple targets [11].
Citado por JMPD en "La penetracion en los gremios", CGT, no 43, 24 de abril de 1969.
When the first rumour started about JMPD checking for e-tags, SANRAL ordered an investigation into it by an independent auditing firm.
He is also probably not aware of a statement issued by the JMPDs spokesperson Wayne Minnaar way back in February 2014, which says that it is not checking for e-tags.
"In much the same way that the JMPD is part of the fabric of Johannesburg, so too is Joburg Child Welfare, and it gives us great pleasure to support a welfare organisation that for many years has done such wonderful work in our city," said Wayne Minnaar, the metro police spokesperson.