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(50) On the discussion within the Council of Elders over whether to care for the young or the old, see JMPTC, Memoires, 343/97, Zeev Scheck MS, `Kinder in Theresienstadt: Jugendfursorge des Aeltestenrates'.
(54) On provisioning, see Adler, Theresienstadt, 358-63; JMPTC, 129.706, Ilona Weissova (born 6 Mar.
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(59) Pets figure in some of the other paintings, such as Harm Beck's of a small black dog with a red collar, the tip of its tongue sticking out expectantly: JMPTC, 121.795, Hana Beck.
(60) Ghetto policemen feature in a number of other drawings: notably, a full-scale watercolour: JMPTC, 129.186, anon.; with a woman who is wearing the yellow star: JMPTC, 125.426, Jiri Beutler; directing non-existent traffic: JMPTC, 121.991, anon.; on a desert island with palm trees and a fantastical animal with the body and head of a cow and camel's hump: JMPTC, 137.669, Gabi Freiova.
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(69) I have found four other such drawings: JMPTC, 129.406, Hana Grunfeld; 130.619, Gitta Schulz; 129.404, Ruth Schachter; 173.782, Helga Weissova (Hoskova), a drawing remarkable for the adult mastery of perspective, including the foreshortening of reclining figures.
(72) JMPTC, 129.190, Josef Novak, Heim [4?] 10 (born 25 Oct.
(77) This is true of a number of pictures of girls participating in line and circle dances: JMPTC, 121.723, Hana Wagnerova; 133.159, Eva Schurova; 129.963, Helena Schonserova.