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Population statistics for 37 European countries, collected through the JMQ are checked and subsequently loaded into Eurostat's on-line database, NewCronos.
in DEMO and in JMQ), and the cases where there is an 'Unknown' category, which has to be disaggregated proportionally among the well specified categories, as described in Section 3.7 on 'Auxilliary methods'.
In all cases the total population was assumed to be as reported by the NSI in their demographic statistics, while the citizenship structure was taken from varied sources, for example the JMQ data for the same year, data taken from the NSI website (Italy), the census data (Cyprus, France), the data for another year (Romania, Spain), the LFS data (Cyprus, France) or the data from the register of foreigners (Germany) (see also examples below).
Nevertheless, depending on the availability of data at hand, either in the Eurostat / JMQ, or in the respective national statistical institutes, several estimation procedures can be proposed and applied, as mentioned in Sections 3 and 4.
(3) For Hungary, data on total population and on the number of Hungarian citizens were hot always provided in the JMQ and therefore hot available in the migration part of the Eurostat database. Table 1: Availability of data on population stock by citizenship, sex and age in the JMQ, 31 countries, as of 1st January 2002-2006.
A detailed analysis of statistics on population stocks by citizenship provided by the 31 countries covered the JMQs for the reference period 2002-2006.