JMXJava Management Extensions
JMXAir Jamaica Express (ICAO code)
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New Developer Features -- The newest version of Apprenda offers enhanced application monitoring with JMX, tenant and user management, log management, and more.
In a July 29 release, the company said JMX is considered a leading asbestos abatement firm with extensive experience in removing and disposing of asbestos.
Monitors every metric, log, and configuration for all JMX resources in your inventory
The final layer consists of JMX adapters that assist external applications to access the MBeans.
With the addition of a JMX compliant services infrastructure, we've made it easier than ever for Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and software companies that use Defywire technology to extend their existing software applications to mobile devices.
SpiritWave ESB Server is designed with management in mind being built around JMX for enterprise management, auditing and control.
In comparison to other books on the subject only 'JMX in Action' teaches the reader how to combine JMX with J2EE technologies and also how to create your own JMX adapters for Jini and the TCP protocol, according to the publisher Manning Publications Co.
Monitoring via JMX - Pivotal CF components can now be monitored with JMX which collects and exposes VM and system data to assist in troubleshooting.
Topics discussed include basic Java procedures and wiring beans, databases and managing transactions, building web applications with Spring MVC, spring security, remote services and REST and integrating Spring beans with JMX.
A new book on Java Management Extensions, or JMX, has been published by O'Reilly.
New "SuperSize" Coherence Monitoring Framework - SL Corporation is pleased to provide an innovative new Coherence monitoring framework that uses the scalability and performance of Coherence to collect MBean data, thus avoiding the inherent performance restrictions of JMX RMI technology.
With a roster of production talent that includes Chris Hanna, Ejeca, JMX, JC Williams, Schmutz, Jordan McCuaig and collaborations both internal and with guest artists, the label has grown to be one of the most consistent, straight-to-cart offerings on the scene.