JMcLJohn McLaughlin (musician)
JMcLJournal of Malaysian and Comparative Law
JMcLJackson-Madison County Library (Tennessee)
JMcLJob Management and Control Language (BI Moyle Associates)
JMcLJohn Martin Construction Ltd (UK)
JMcLJukkasjarvi Mind Control Laser (gaming)
JMcLJeff Morelli Consulting Limited
JMcLJincheng Motor Co., Ltd.
JMcLJonathan Michael Consultancy Limited
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Ezlit Y, Bennett JMcL, Raine S, Smith R (2013) Modification of the McNeal clay swelling model improves prediction of saturated hydraulic conductivity as a function of applied water quality.
The trainer (JMcL), with extensive experience in oral health surveys, provided the standard against which the examiner (DS) was calibrated.
Bennett JMcL, Greene RSB, Murphy BW, Hocking P, Tongway D (2014) Influence of lime and gypsum on long-term rehabilitation of a Red Sodosol, in a semi-arid environment of New South Wales.