JNBJava News Brief (computer newsletter)
JNBJump If Not Below
JNBJordan National Bank (est. 1955)
JNBJohannesburg, South Africa - Jan Smuts (Airport Code)
JNBJunction National Bank (Texas; est. 1935)
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He said efforts were underway to provide all facilities, available at the Karachi Naval Base, with their upgraded versions at the JNB, adding that different workshops were also being held there for removing major faults developing in ships.
The nature has given a complete security cover to JNB as it is covered by sea from two sides and a hill with 1580 height, eight meter length and two kilometer width standing on its third side.
Commenting on social activities of PN in Ormara, the JNB Commander said different measures had been taken for betterment of the locals.
The fact is that JNB of Westerhope made a claim for which he or she has absolutely no evidence that would pass muster in court or a scientific laboratory.
You could have countered JNB with the claim that Middle Earth exists by citing passages from the works of J R R Tolkien, or that Lilliput exists by quoting from Gulliver's Travels.
I may well disagree with all JNB said but the same applies; we published the letter because it was an expression of the author's opinion, just like the above is an expression of yours.
The airline would increase the number of flights between JNB and PER from 6X-weekly to 7X-weekly in mid-August.