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Nonetheless, BSD's stock soared 37% upon publication of the JNCI article.
The JNCI article detailed the "checkered history" of hyperthermia with radiation or chemotherapy.
Also, says the JNCI, almost one-third of the tumors that were treated were never tested for an internal temperature, so it was not certain that the tumors in question were ever actually heated
types of breast cancer," they say in the same issue of JNCI.
The JNCI article "contributes to our understanding of factors involved in.
This remarkable editorial is available free of charge at the JNCI Web site.
18 JNCI, they report a 12 percent decrease in breast cancer risk between each successively higher quintile (20 percent of women) of vegetable consumption.
The new studies suggest gut bacteria pay little if any important role in the carcinogenic transformation of IQ or related HCA's, according to an accompanying editorial in JNCI by Fred F.
In a second JNCI editorial, a trio of researchers at Japan's National Cancer Center in Tokyo argue that "it is time to shift to a strategy of cancer prevention and accept that human carcinogenesis is largely due to an accumulation of many kinds of carcinogenic factors, each of which in itself may have little impact.
At JNCI, Bailar says, this process led to the publication of some papers that all three reviewers had recommended for rejection, and vice versa.