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JNCOJunior Non Commissioned Officer (corporal)
JNCOJean Company (clothing line)
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Grace Chu is a New York City based photographer whose corporate clients include General Motors, Alexander Wang, and JNCO. She got her start shooting events for Time Out New York and NYC's lesbian and queer nightlife promoters.
JNCO Jeans, Eli Petel, VP of Marketing & Licensing, 213-624-5777, epetel@ jnco.com, P.
They're dudes that you would see at a rave in 1997 wearing flared-out Jnco pants and spiked-up hair with funny sunglasses, possibly trying to sell you something.
JNCO Jeans, Eli Petel, Director of Licensing, 213-624-5777, P.
What did you do with those boxes of clothes JNCO sent you?
JNCO Jeans, Laura Takaragawa, Director of Licensing, 213-624-5777, P.
I'd come in blue wide leg JNCOs like I was meant to be.
"Unsurprisingly, when his Company Commander, Platoon Commander, fellow JNCOs and Riflemen were lying killed and injured after an explosion, he was one of the first on the scene providing first aid and organising their extraction to safety.
I'm a past champion bull rider who used to ride in JNCOs with a mohawk and facial piercings just because everybody told me I couldn't win the state looking like that.