JNCSJournal of Non-Crystalline Solids
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This subcommittee is continuing to develop concrete goals for improving diversity and inclusion of the JNCs and the judiciary.
Andrade says his challenge to have more young lawyers serve on JNCs works both ways.
The cash is being used by JNCS to improve its manufacturing process around the TorqTag device, which improves safety within the oil, gas and power industries.
Even when the level of negotiation was clear, the CIR did not necessarily recommend JNCs for all employees covered at that level.
Defining 'diversity' based on current differences would limit its application to future changes, and likewise restrict or limit The Florida Bar's consideration of and response to such changes." All of which begs the questions: What is this nebulous concept that cannot be clearly defined, but must be reflected in our Bar, bench, and JNCs? How can it be discussed without a clear definition, and how can the Bar implement and maintain a functional model of an indefinable concept?
Cramlington-based Algernon Precision Engineering is helping JNCS Business Services Ltd develop a new machine that enables sets of 28 TorqTags to be made in just a few seconds, which will allow for orders to be fulfilled far more quickly than is currently possible.
[section]43.291 is the codification of the governor's appointment powers for the JNCs. One of the key components of the appointment process was the reference to diversity spelled out in F.S.
Tallahassee attorney Barry Richard, one of two Bar legislative consultants who testified against the measure, said JNCs were created in 1971 to restore the public's faith in an independent judiciary after the Florida Supreme Court became embroiled in a series of bribery scandals.
In other words, the applicant pools are deeper, but minority appointments to the judiciary and the JNCs that select the candidates that will be considered for appointment to the bench, are showing only gradual change.
Reubin Askew created JNCs to safeguard the judiciary from political cronyism in the wake of a corruption scandal that engulfed the Supreme Court.
Screening committees of the Board of Governors will review all JNC applications.
* Lack of Diversity on the JNCs and in the Judiciary--This committee has been focused on more ways to increase the applicant pool for the JNCs, which should result in more diverse appointments to the commissions and ultimately reflect a more diverse bench.