JNCTJournal of New Covenant Theology (In-Depth Studies; Mesa, AZ)
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since NEG NEG NEG be JNCT since how [ti tla:n f--ta:--tjuwinan--li [O.sub.OBJ]] HREL well PAST-CMT-speak-PFV __ 'Since no, no, there was no one that she could talk with.' (Tino 2012: 300, line 16) Both of these examples are object-centred.
miliwti [tuku putsapa:t] mi-liwat i [tuku putsa-pa:t [O.sub.PO]] 2POSS-food JNCT NREL look.for-PROG:2SG.SUB ___ 'the food that you are looking for' (Roman Lobato 2012: 329, line 31) (82) pus mat 'wanitfu ti'ma: tfif'ku: ['titfi 'kskuhmah]...
The Club meets on the third Monday of each month at 8pm in the Willows Restaurant, Llandegla, (Jnct A525 and A5104).