JNCWJordanian National Commission for Women (Jordan)
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A recent study, co-sponsored by the JNCW, identified that the female representation in the legislation sector is 30.
Establishing a SCW in Bahrain and a JNCW in Jordan, have an effect on legal reforms, to some extent, with respect to women's rights and gender equality.
What has been stated above is different in Jordan, where the JNCW peruses the government policies and is more supportive to CEDAW agreement than the SCW in Bahrain; therefore, the outcome of gender policies might be more positive.
USAID will support JNCW in responding to the changing socio-economic landscape in Jordan that is affecting women's well-being and empowerment.
USAID Takamol and JNCW aim to strengthen the role of women in various sectors and provide specialized training programs to enhance women's leadership capabilities based on local and international best practices.
The National Report on Women's Progress toward Justice, Participation and Equality, 2010 2011, pp: 103-105, and JNCW (2012).
JNCW Secretary General Asma Khader complained about the absence of such "candid meetings and open dialogue" with government officials, calling today's meeting "a gate to a new phase in the life of Jordanian women" as it underlined that there is no democracy or reform without real participation of women in politics and legislation.
She said the JNCW had won the prime minister's pledge to expedite endorsement of the five-year national strategy for women as approved by local women groups.
JNCW is one of the first semi-governmental commissions established in the Arab world to promote women's issues.
Once it becomes official, JNCW will study it and take necessary steps to ensure that Jordanian womenAAEs rights are respected and protected.
Shawar noted that prior to the official launch of the office, JNCW used to carry out similar duties.
Rawan Masaa'deh, project manager at JNCW, highlighted another obstacle, "There aren't accurate statistics regarding cases of violence against women in our society because many of these cases are concealed.