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JNDJust Noticeable Difference
JNDJunta Nacional de Drogas (Spanish: National Board of Drugs; Uruguay)
JNDJohn Nelson Darby (minister; 1800-1882)
JNDJust Noticeable Distortion
JNDJugular Node Dissection
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In the proposed MDC scheme, DCT-based JND model is applied.
The company will be able to both leverage Alloy Group's expertise internally and apply economies of scale to its data services as JND expands.
For more information on services provided by JND Response call 0800 009 3344.
There are many characteristics to define the JND, of which we consider, texture, luminance, edge and corners to estimate the JND mask.
But they won't quite run to a first-class stamp to the States, telling JND where they can stick their guaranteed cash prizes.
When we create an event that grew to be 5,000 people per afternoon coming down here, all of these people have to park somewhere,'' said John Drayman of JND Enterprises, who led a petition to reformat the festival.
Dollard headed JND Consulting, a San Diego area independent consulting firm focused on aiding companies in their process improvements, mergers and acquisitions activity, cost containment and supply chains, and time and motion plant activity programs, from 2001 until joining AMS.
The software compares an original image with its processed version, then produces JND rating data and an error map that highlights areas where the most visible distortions occur in the image.