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JNDIJava Naming and Directory Interface (Sun)
JNDIJava Naming and Directory Interface
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El protocolo LDAP, ademas de permitir un manejojerarquico y sistematico en la informacion de los usuarios, lo cual es muy util por el modelo del negocio implementado en un sistema de pago, tambien posibilita varias formas de acceso, como JNDI.
Mobile agents may, for example, use JNDI service providers to locate the services they need, then connect to legacy systems.
It can also be used for coding and ongoing maintenance of applications coded with other LDAP SDKs, such as JNDI and the Mozilla SDK.
One possibility that comes to mind is to add an XML messaging "provider' layer on top of JMS, along the lines of the pattern followed by Java Naming and Directory Interface or JNDI, with LDAP, NIS, COS Naming, etc.
The first book in the "Building Java Enterprise Applications" series, "Volume 1: Architecture" covers the back-end of application programming, and explains databases, entity beans, session beans, the Java Message Service, JNDI, RMI, LDAP, and much more.
We've done a lot of integration based on existing JNDI APIs which are cumbersome.
This proxy is usually obtained by a lookup in a directory service, like a Jini Lookup service or a JNDI name space.
JNDI allows Java applications to access naming services and directory services.
In working with relational databases, attendees will learn how to expose a single database table as a service, join multiple tables, use nested queries, dynamically change queries, access stored procedures and functions, invoke a service using a URL, parameterize a service; connect to a data source bound to a JNDI name, access data services using a Java client, and more.